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Evening of May 4, 2007 Greensburg KS EF-5 Tornado

Vicki's Needs

Vicki has asked for very little. One thing she would like for her aunt, is a Craftmatic Bed. Perhaps a used one could be found. Craftmatic has been asked for one, but they don't have such a program. Vicki, as always, is concerned for someone else, not herself. Her aunt needs to be propped up to breath, and an adjustable bed of any type would be great.

What Vicki and her aunt need most is prayer for their health, both physical and for their coping with this disaster. Both women have urgent health needs, so please pray for them in that way.


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Ask Roy or Ellie for Vicki's addy & start mailing there. Note: The hunt for a permanent house will continue.
Map shows Vicki's street begins at Cradle Park to the south - the green area at the bottom
Map showing proximity of Pratt, Coldwater, and Hutchinson.. 3 towns Vicki must travel between.


July 18 phone call 11:40 am      There is a lead on a house in Pratt, and Vicki will look at it with her aunt tomorrow. Please pray for leading regarding the house and neighborhood, and their quick settlement in a permanent dwelling with basement for safety.

July 12 phone call about 12:05am       Vicki was in a panic about the current storm hitting her, when she called early this morning. She had phoned several times late last night also. In my opinion she is experiencing PTS, Post Traumatic Stress because she was so traumatized by the Greensburg KS tornado. I am going to check into counseling for Vicki, and if anyone knows of a contact please get in touch with me. She phoned me a number of times throughout the storm warning period last night, and said it was especially terrifying for her because there was a fire last night, and the same thing happened before the Tornado hit. No connection of course, but the mind does that. Vicki is at the top of the prayer page, and has also been place on the JVIM prayer list. Please pray.

June 22 phone call mid-afternoon      Vicki said she missed phoning me while I was away on vacation, and tried one time but the call didn't go through. This afternoon Vicki had a call on both cellphones. LAUGH. She had gramps (my son) up to one ear, and me (Mama Ellie) on the other ear. I could hear sonny speaking. Vicki got quite a kick out of it. Amazing technology in these "end times." All is well as far as it can be, but still wanting to find a permanent house either in Pratt or perhaps Hatch. She will phone again tonight.

June 12 phone call      A panic call from Vicki just a while after the last one, about tornado and thunderstorm warnings. She does not know how to handle these reports. Please pray that she and her aunt find a house with a basement in Pratt quickly, where they want to settle. Meanwhile, pray for Vicki's peace of mind.

     Vicki called from Pratt about 4pm central. She and her aunt are staying at a motel in Pratt for two reasons: 1. Bad weather forecast, not happy with Coldwater, 2. Her aunt must be at the doctor's 8am central to check on cataract surgery on first eye.. round trip from "home" is 110 miles. Wise decision. She will phone again about 9pm central.

June 11 phone calls      Most recent call today, about 5:50 pm Vicki's central time. Vicki fell on uneven sidewalk, and chewed up her leg pretty good. Pray that the wound will heal quickly without infection.
     Vicki phoned during CAR (Christian Amateur Radio room at Paltalk) this morning, and I patched her in to read scripture, give the opening prayer, and sing some songs on the mic. She gets great pleasure from doing this, and it's wonderful to hear her sing songs of encouragement.. since she went through, and if still going through, so much. Reflecting on her words.. "through the storm, through the night.." it gives new meaning to the song.
     This is just my opinion, but I think Vicki is battle fatigued. She doesn't seem to have direction within herself, to see that hers, and her aunt's lives are more settled. Part of this is most likely due to the fact that it is her aunt who must make the move to search for a permanent dwelling in Pratt.. where they plan to settle. Vicki (and her aunt) continually hear the storm warnings, continue to be concerned without a basement as a shelter... please pray about this situation.

June 6 phone calls      Vicki's old classmate and his friends went with her to Greensburg, and salvaged the last that is allowed. The Red Cross finally asked her not to return, PTL. Very dangerous.
     Vicki was tired out from the trip and salvaging, but in good spirits because of what she was able to get uncovered and retreived. The guitar I sent her was something that she needed to find, and so she did. It was protected under other debris, and is good. Funny, when I answered her call at about 5pm, I heard what sounded like a foghorn. LOL! It was Vicki strumming on her prized guitar. (grin) She also got the tower from her PC out, and friends will remove the HD from it... her data should be safe. There were other small things, and she did get into her bedroom to see what she could bring out.
     Vicki decided against going to Greensburg to watch the demolition, and I am glad. She said seeing the house go up was one thing, but seeing it brought down is another. I know that these "visits" to the shell of a house have tried her greatly. She is amazing, and I marvel at what she has gone through, and for the most part, remained calm. Yes, a couple of times she phoned in panic because of storms, and trying to get to a safe place in the house, with no basement, but she only needed reassurance and she was "good to go." Well, almost.
     On one trip to the house, a newspaper photographer said he would help her get some things if she would allow him to take pictures. I don't recall what is was she found that day, but it was another instance of help she received.
     The help she has received from the classmate and friends two or so times, is an answer to prayer, asking for actual hands and feet to arrive at Vicki's door. Please pray that the Lord will continue to bless Vicki in this way, and bring her friends who she can bond with in her new neighborhood.

NOTE 6.02 The 2nd church group did not connect with Vicki today. Vicki phoned from ground zero/Greensburg, and was in the house trying to get debris removed and get at some things. Vicki has been looking at laptop computers.. does not have land line in as she hasn't given it priority. Pray she does not buy one at Radio Shack, where she was looking. Inside the old house today she found a few computer-related items. Computer was covered with heavy debris, do not know if she found a way to get it moved, and get the HD out of the computer, which was the plan. Vicki phoned several times today, it must have been disheartening to expect those two groups, waiting. I pray she becomes satisfied with what she has salvaged, when the demolition takes place.. which will be soon. NOTE 5.30: The church group did not connect with Vicki today, vicki left Greensburg at about 2:30 pm and went home to Coldwater. Paltalk note from Tommy.. he said the group will stay overnight and see Vicki tomorrow, Wed.

May 30 phone call at 2:30 EDT      When I was speaking with Vicki last night at about 9 or 10pm as she was walking McGuyver, she heard her weather radio warning, and went inside to listen. It was warning of severe thunderstorms, tornado possible, advising people go to shelter. Vicki has no basement... she said she would go to the bathroom where there are no windows. I told her to phone me at any time if she need to speak to me.
     At 2:30 am EDT Vicki phoned in a panic. The storm had arrived, and it was fierce, and Vicki was in the bathroom waiting it out. I asked her when it would be over, and she said half an hour. That was good news because she said she was about to lose it. So we spoke a while, and I reminded her of the Emporia Ave church arrival, and she calmed down. PRAY PRAY PRAY Vicki is dealing well with these storms, considering she went through the worst one in history, but she is worn out and vulnerable.

May 29 phone calls      Marilyn phoned Vicki while CAR "Christian Amateur Radio" was open, and Vicki then phoned Ellie. Those in the room were able to hear Vicki, and messages were given to Vicki.
     Further connections were made with cuddlebear/Tommy regarding his group from Emporia Avenue Church Of Christ, and their planned visit tomorrow (Web) to see what can be done for victims of Greensburg KS, and to work with Vicki.
     tkbear will also visit Vicki with his church group, on Saturday. This is an answer to prayer asking that hands and feet be brought to Vicki's door. Thank you Jesus.
     Yesterday Vicki called me from inside of her ruined house in Greensburg, and the sight clearly is traumatic for her.

May 26 phone calls      cuddlebear/Tommy phoned Vicki, and let her hear us talk from the CAR room at Paltalk. Tommy, tkbear, and others from the group at Countryside Christian Church in Witchita KA, will be going to help in Greensburgh KS next Saturday, June 2nd. Tommy will bring Vicki a phone book from the Coldwater area, something she did not have as yet.
     Vicki phoned me a while after that, and was very excited about them coming there. She was concerned that I be sure to tell tkbear (a trooper) to be sure to stop at the (she called it bear) station outside Greensburg to get a card for the vehicle or they would not be allowed into the city. Vicki is a stickler for details, even when it involves a trooper. LOL She spoke of having found her grandmothers silver flatware, and was happy about that. We spoke about a computer for her, and she said she has time with AT&T, but they would have to set up a router and all. Something beyond her at this moment.

May 25 no phone call from Vicki

May 24 phone call appx 5pm edt      Vicki and her aunt are back in the Coldwater rental home. What a shame the town doesn't have a person/group to check on disaster victims when they come to their town. Vicki has no phone book, so she can't phone the library to see if there is a computer there she could use, she doesn't know if there is a safety shelter in the town in case of a bad storm, she has little food in... it goes on and on as I realized when I spoke with her today.
     Church groups could take this on as a project. The government could keep people from moving out of the city, as Vicki and her aunt plan to do, if they made it more friendly. Such simple things really, but they are not being done. What an opportunity for evangelism.

May 23 phone calls      Vicki and her aunt stayed a 2nd night at the Pratt motel due to weather warnings in the Coldwater area. Please pray for both of them as they face these storm warnings with the knowledge of having gone through the worst tornado in history.

May 22 phone calls      Vicki phoned from the WalMart in Pratt. It was the first time she had a chance, but she will phone later tonight. She says her aunt received one check from an insurance company, but was I was not able to hear her well from the store, to find out what it was for. She and her aunt are staying at a motel in Pratt tonight, as her aunt doesn't want to be in the Coldwater house with the impending storm. I'll add more after tonight's call if there is something to report.
     Second call came at 9:45pm eastern, from the motel. Vicki had to buy dishes for the dog, and collar and leash. All of that sort of thing is in Greensburg. They are considering settling in Pratt after a while. There are more services there than at Coldwater, and gas is cheaper,etc. Another reason for Pratt is that their doctors and other services are there, and not 40 miles away. They will shop at WalMart again tomorrow for more needs.

May 21 two phone calls, final one from Coldwater.
     Today was an especially tiring day for Vicki. Getting her aunt ready to travel, driving so long, she was just sounding beat when she phoned from her van in front of the Coldwater house. Meanwhile Fred and I worked on getting some contacts who may be able to get things out of Vicki's Greensburg house for her, but there is no guarantee. Pray for God's will in all. Vicki's mail from the shelter will probably take 3 days to reach Coldwater.

May 20 phone call about 5 pm eastern
     Vicki doesn't know what time she and her aunt will get away from the shelter in Mellenville tomorrow, but she has quite a long drive to get to her destination. She will drive through Greensburg on her way to Pratt to pick McGuyver up, perhaps pick up some things there as it is a larger city, then travel on to Coldwater KS. (Pray for Vicki to be alert as she drives, she was VERY tired on the phone).
     Note below Vicki was not to be permitted into the Greensburg house again.. well, our girl went in there again today anyway. (grin) She was able to get a few more things out, but was sad relating to me that all of her CDs, some not replaceable, are not accessible without help.
     Once Vicki is in the house, and has made out the address card at the Post Office, I'm sure she will permit me to give her address to her friends. I won't post it here for obvious reason, so click the email button below, and put in the subject line: "VICKI COLDWATER ADDRESS" please, and I'll send it.
     In the event things don't work properly at the Coldwater house, or any other reason they can't stay there, thet can go to a motel nearby. Also, the Red Cross will pay the first month's rent at the house.

May 19 phone call evening
     Vicki made her last permitted visit to her ruined house this day. She was not given the opportunity to get some of the things she wanted. Vicki is in good spirits, but still quite tired. She was able to get her aunt's OES Bible, but not hers. Vicki has 4 of her Bibles with her at the shelter. Vicki sends her love to everyone, and says she can't call everyone now, but will when she gets settled permanently.

May 18 phone call 3pm
     A house trailer has been offered. No decision to accept or not on Vicki & her aunt's part. The trailers (mobile homes) will be in Pratt, and are handicapped accessible.

May 17 phone call 9pm
     Vicki BOLDFORJESUS, a friend from Paltalk, is safe in a shelter at Mellenville KS (moved from Haviland Kansas High School shelter). Vicki phones regularly to update information. Vicki's original home before the Greensburg Kansas tornado that occurred late Friday May 4, 2007 was left standing, but 100% loss per insurance adjuster.
     May 17th Vicki visited Coldwater KS, the town she and her aunt will relocate to. The bathroom is not complete, but Vicki was able to put some things in the house that she had saved. The house should be ready for occupancy very soon. One problem is there has been no access bar installed to enable Vicki's aunt to help herself bathe, so Vicki (bad back) will have to help her. Pray for workmen to be led to Vicki for such needs.
     Vicki is in better spirits now, and her cute snuffly giggle is back. Please pray for health for Vicki and her aunt... this is their most important need.
     Vicki has been asked repeatedly what she would like to have, and she has not asked for anything. She actually does not want things sent to her or her aunt while she is still in a shelter. She is having major problems getting salvaged items to their new location.

May 16 I received an email from Vicki to my Hotmail addy.
Vicki wanted to tell everyone hi, and to use the above addy until further notice.

People who own homes, businesses, and renters in Barton, Osborne, Ottawa, and Phillips counties affected by this month's severe weather can now apply for federal disaster aid.
They can also apply for low-interest loans from the U.S. Small Business Administration.
Additionally, Kansas and the local governments affected by May's storms get a minimum of 75 percent of the costs of recovery under the federal disaster declaration.
Some private, non-profit organizations can apply for assistance as well. If you want to apply for federal assistance or a loan, call FEMA toll-free at 1-800-621-FEMA.

Vicki's house was 1 1/2 blocks from grain towers

Watertower in Greensburg KSWell Sign after tornado



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