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ABBOTT - no special page yet. Sarah L. ABBOTT 1824-1906, married Daniel W. DURAND c1812-1895
Sarah's parents are Nathan ABBOTT b.MA?, married Nancy Bowen b.CT?


BJORLOW - no special page. Laura BJORLOW c1880-1918, married Carl FLOR 1877-1932. Laura's parents are Oscar BJORLOW and Nicolene Marie SKANKE 1844-1920. On the Memorial Wall at Ellis Island, there is a Nikolene BJORLOW. All were born in Arendal, NORWAY.




BOWEN - no special page. See the entry above for ABBOTT.



CLOCK - no special page. Harriet CLOCK's great-great granddaughter said Harriet was a Native American. We have not discovered what nation she was from, but it would be in New England. Harriet married Smith Conklin SAMMIS. See information about their daughter Phoebe Jane SAMMIS, under WILMOT.



DURAND - Daniel W. DURAND 1812-1895 born in NY, father from CT, married Sarah L. ABBOTT, their son George J. DURAND 1854-1913 married Emma RUMSEY 1855-1929. Emma was born in Dryden NY, and died in Homer, NY. Their son Earl David DURAND 1870-1958 married Minerva SIMONSON, whose family was from NJ.



FINCH - Margaret FINCH married Matthew SEARS. Their son Milton SEARS married Phila Ann MERRITT. Milton and Phila's daughter Sarah Jane SEARS 1830-1890, married George C. SCOTT 1834-1911. See the SCOTT surname.



FLOR - no special page. Carl FLOR changed his name from Terysen/Terjsen/ when he jumped ship to come to America. He married Laura BJORLOW, see above. Carl built a few homes, made sculptures and oil paintings.



HUNTER - no special page. John HUNTER was born in SCOTLAND, his daughter Mary HUNTER 1810-1870, born in SCOTLAND, married John SCOTT 1808-1849.




HURD - no special page. Esther HURD may have been born in VT, she married David WOODMANCY.




JUDSON - no special page. Julia JUDSON b. c1808, married Leonard SAMMIS.



LINNES - no special page. Anna LINNES 1864-1954, was born in Barsdorf GERMANY. She married Henry Adam ZARGES 1861-1958.




MERRITT - no special page. Phila Ann MERRITT c1804, married Milton SEARS.



RUMSEY - Emma RUMSEY 1855-1929, married George J. DURAND 1854-1913. Emma's father, Henry David RUMSEY, worked with his son Charles, inventing the Rumsey Gasoline Engine.



SAMMIS - no special page. Smith Conklin SAMMIS married Harriet CLOCK, their son Leonard c1800 married Julia JUDON.



SCOTT - John SCOTT c1808 Largo, County Fife, SCOTLAND, d.1849 NYC. John married Mary HUNTER 1810-1879. THeir son George C. SCOTT 1834-1911, married Sarah Jane SEARS 1830-1890. Their son William Corson SCOTT 1870-1933 was born in Paterson NJ, and married Edna Mae WILMOT 1875-1927.



SEARS - no special page. Matthew SEARS married Margaret FINCH. Their son Milton SEARS c1800, married Phila Ann MERRITT. Milton and Phila's daughter Sarah Jane SEARS 1830-1890, married George C. SCOTT 1834-1911.




SIMONSON - no page. Minerva SIMONSON 1870/78, her family from NJ, married Earl David DURAND.



SKANKE - no page. Nicolene Marie SKANKE 1844-1920, married Oscar BJORLOW 1842. Both were born in Arendal, NORWAY, as were their children Laura and Clara.




VAGINER - no page. Louise VAGINER b. Barsdorf, GERMANY, married Henry ZARGES 1834-1914, born Blinda GERMANY. Both died in Norwalk CT.



WILMOT - no page. John Gilbert WILMOT b.1842, bur Cedar Grove Cemetery, Darien CT. John married Phoebe Jane SAMMIS 1853-1887, and their daughter Edna Mae WILMOT 1875-1927, married Wm Corson SCOTT 1870-1933. Edna Mae fell out a window and both she and her unborn baby died.



WOODMANCY - no page. David WOODMANCY b.MA d.1882, married Esther HURD. David's parents were from RI? Their daughter Christiana WOODMANCY 1828-1906, married Henry David RUMSEY 1824-1903.



ZARGES - no page. Henry ZARGES 1834 Blinda GERMANY - 1914 Norwalk CT. Henry married Louise VAGINER b. Barsdorf GERMANY, and their son Henry Adam ZARGES 1861-1958 married Anna LINNES 1864-1954.

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