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"CAR" Christian Amateur Radio Room at Paltalk

Monday thru Saturday, 9 am - noon Eastern - Ellie will try to be there *all the time until Vicki returns.
NOTE: Ellie is studying for a HAM license, and attends local HAM Radio Club meetings.

TheDance - Ellie's Room at

SPECIAL ELVIS TRIBUTE - Thursday Aug 16th begins 9pm EDT

Monday thru Thursday, Room opens 11 pm EDT. Concerts now on Thursdays, and begin 11pm EDT.
NOTE: Concerts will be broadcast on NEW RADIO, Use IE,heard worldwide.
Visit www.NEW and click either broadband or dialup. Or go to

TheDance Concerts - in TheDance Room at Paltalk

Thursday nights at 11pm EDT - NEW DAY AND TIME. The concerts feature Paltalk singers and musicians.
Ellie/TheDance taking time off after wonderful Elvis Tribute 8/16/07. Thank you singers, and wolf for broadcasting.



August, 2007

____Sunday____ ____Monday____ ___Tuesday____ __Wednesday___ ___Thursday___ ____Friday____ ___Saturday___
      1. 2. TheDance Concert with Michel Gaudet 3. 4.
5. 6. 7. 8. 9. The Dance Concert with Wylie-2 (no) 10. 11.
12. 13. 14. 15. 16. TheDance Tribute To Elvis broadcast on webwolf1 THANK YOU UDO - Thank you Elvis Singers 17.Karaoke Ramada 18.The Well - McGraw
19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 9pm Karaoke & Prime. Meeting Paltalk D_Empet NY, Deb NY & Gaudet MA at the 3 Bear Inn near me
26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. Possibly Karaoke and Dinner Ramada Inn Sept 1 visit Ruth in CT, Then to son in MA 4 karaoke

Ramada Inn (former Holiday Inn) - 2 River St, Cortland, NY
Plan to go for 1st Karaoke at Ramada, Friday Aug 3, 9pm on
Meeting new Pal friend for karaoke again Friday Aug 17th
Ramada has karaoke every Friday night 607/756-4431
Other Inns - Cortland NY & Rates
Perfect Map to Ramada, still called Holiday

DOrchester Park Swim Area
Map shows green area by water, that is the swim & boat area
Swam, noone there but me, Friday 10:30am. A beautiful setting
The water is very green, silky.. good for the skin. Sailboats so pretty.

Three Bear Inn - Live Karaoke
The Last Saturday each month, 9 pm to about 2am
7/28/2007 I met Deb from Pal, & Dennis Empet Pal friend, was DK for the night
BOOHOO Pal friend Michel couldn't make it down, it's a fur piece.

Sorry about the puss, but it was a long night singing
Karaoke at the Three Bear Inn.
Those boots were made for STOMPIN', and that's just what I did