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                                                     Partial-birth Abortion

                                                                                              August issue

                     U.S.Representative John Hostettler on Partial-Birth Abortion

Editor's note: I know your loving and generous hearts will have a hard time reading the more graphic portion of the passage below.  I had trouble typing it.  Abortion is an ugly business, and fighting it is heart and gut-wrenching.  But armed with the whole truth we are better able to fight, better able to defend life, and more willing to go on with vigor, with courage and a "never say die" yes to continue the fight for the Right to Life.

     "There can be no defense of a procedure that so clearly violates all that is sacred to humanity.  What makes partial birth abortion so ghastly, so indefensible, is that a living baby is almost fully delivered, but three inches short of birth the fetus is killed by surgical scissors inserted at the base of its skull.  Three mere inches, a matter of seconds, and the baby would be born and the abortionist would be guilty of ifanticide.
     .....Here's how the procedure works.  The abortionist artificially dilates the mother's cervix to create an adequate opening for the baby to pass; guided by ultrasound the abortionist takes hold of one of the baby's legs with a forceps and pulls the baby into the birth canal; the leg is fully delivered followed by the other leg and then the rest of the body except the head.  This is a breech delivery.  The abortionist uses one hand to trace the spine up to the base of the baby's skull.  He then thrusts the scissors point into the base of the baby's skull and spreads the ends to create a passageway for a suction catheter to be inserted; the baby's brains are extracted with the suction device, causing the skull to collapse, allowing the baby to be fully delivered; all the remains are discarded as medical waste.
     .....Even the most ardent pro-choice politicians would have a hard time defending puncturing the skull of a mostly delivered, squirming baby.  They ignore the fact that even the American Medical Association endorsed the bill to ban this procedure.  They ignore the fact that a doctor who performed more than 1,000 of these partial birth abortions said 80% of them were "elective",  ...Partial birth abortions are usually used after 20 weeks (4 1/2 months) because the skull has grown too big to pass through the birth canal in a standard abortion.  The procedure is performed as late as 40 weeks.  The issue comes down to location:  If the baby's head were to be delivered along with the rest of its body it would be an American Citizen with all the rights endowed by its Creator.  It would enjoy the Constitutional right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  But when this type of abortion is used the fact that the baby's head is not in plain sight eliminates its rights completely.  A kitten or an unhatched eagle has more protection under the law.  This is a logical fallacy.  The House is to be commended for voting to end this unconscionable act."


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