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               The following articles are taken from  "Life Works"

         Periodical of New York State Right to Life Committee, Inc.

                                                                         August Issue

Dr. "Fridge-a-dare" Gets Jail Term: Stephen Brigham whose abortion clinic in Colonie, NY was found to have 17 pre-born babies stored in a freezer, was sentenced to 120 days for insurance fraud.  Attorney General Dennis Vacco estimated that Brigham ripped insurance companies off some $200,000 between 1993 and 1996.  The babies were considered medical waste and have since been incinerated and buried at Albany Rural Cemetery.
     Brigham was also convicted of tax evasion and owes $10,000. in back taxes, having failed to file returns for 1994 and 1995.  His sentence for both counts of tax evasion, 60 and 120 days, will run concurrently with the insurance fraud sentence.  According to Kathryn Kase, Brigham's lawyer, Brigham feels a "great sense of shame" and fears he has brought "dishonor upon the abortion movement."  [NYRTL note: Aww, shucks Stephen, don't give that another thought.  There's nothing your scheming, tax evading, fraudulent actions could do to make the abortion business less honorable.  It's already at the bottom of that barrel, you see.]

China Admits To Forces Abortions: A state-run newspaper reported on June 13, that family planning officials have used coercive tactics to enforce China's one-child policy.  Early in June Gao Xiao Duan, a former Chinese family planning administrator, testified before a US congressional panel that her office in Fuji used paid-informants to discover unauthorized pregnancies.  She stated methods of enforcement included threatening families and destroying houses and property to coerce women to submit to abortions and sterilizations.  She also described midnight raids and forced abortions done in order to meet the state quotas set by the Chinese government.

Population Trio - Turner, Fonda & Wirth, are working overtime on their goal of zero population growth.  As you may know CNN founder Ted Turner has promised one billion dollars to the United Nations.  A UN Foundation has been set up to administer the $100 million a year trust fund for ten years.  Timothy Wirth, former Undersecretary of State, is president of the Foundation with Turner as its chairman.
     This year eight million dollars will go to the UN Population Fund.  Grants include moneys to: improve reproductive health care services in the Philippines, Bolivia, Honduras, and Comaros; introduce journalists from developing countries to population issues; and fund family planning services in Lebanon.
     Turner, Fonda & Wirth are all members of ZPG (Zero Population Growth) and attended the ZPG Dinner honoring Turner and Fonda in the Manhattan Center (ZPG has a definite pro-abortion agenda.)  In attendance were Glenn Close, Vanessa Redgrave, Jane Alexander, Robert Redford, Rob Reiner, David Lettermam, Joanne Woodward, Paul Newman, Oprah Winfrey, and Pat Schroeder.  Also present UN Ambassador Bill Richardson, Gerald Levin, CEO of Time Warner, and Chevy Chase, who was the emcee.  Although not able to come, Larry King called, and Michael Eisner, CEO of Disney, sent a picture of Jiminy Cricket and called Turner the "conscience of the world."  [There's a scary thought!]
     Fonda received the ZPG Humanitarian award as Jane Alexander proclaimed Fonda "cares about kids."  Fonda herself said "We can't get anywhere in this area (of ZPG) without family planning."
     Listening to Turner's acceptance speech would give any pro-lifer the willies.  "No area is more important than managing human numbers," he said.  "I really believe there are huge forces arrayed against us.  The forces of ignorance, prejudice, hatred and fear.  The forces of darkness in general.  On our side we have the forces of light... How can we not win?  We're smarter than they are.  In the end, I'll put my money on the smart people against the dummies.  If the smarts can't beat the dummies [This sounds really intelligent doesn't it?]  we're really not that smart are we?  And we have a lot more fun than they do because we're right and they're wrong."
NYSRTL Editor's 'I can't resist' note:  Well, Ted, if you're having more fun it's not because you're smarter or more right.  It's because you're rich Ted, and throwing billions around doesn't change the truth.  The population control movement is a thinly veiled promotion for abortion and euthanasia.  Besides your Hollywood fun is shallow and you can have it.
     Finally Teddy old boy - - you can't win.  I'd have thought you would have figured that out by now, being as you're so smart and all.  You see Ted it's simple math.  ZPG members don't procreate.  They don't "go forth and multiply."  Their philosophy dies with them.  While we of the pro-life bent will keep passing on the truth to our many beautiful children.

Bill Gates Joins the Population Bandwagon:  Gates, Chairman of Microsoft Co. has donated $1.7 million to the United Nations Population Fund, to limit population growth in poor countries.  He has also contributed to research on abortifacients, and reproductive science programs.

Hypocritical Hippocratic Oath:  The World Medical Association is pushing the British Medical Association to replace the well known Hippocratic Oath.  Hard to believe but they consider the oath to be "out of date" mostly because of the oath's forbiddance of abortion and euthanasia.  They recommend removing the bothersome lines and adding instead "Where abortion is permitted, I agree it should take place only in a legal and ethical framework."  (We've got news for you fellas, abortion will never be ethical.)  As if this slap in the face to all that's good is not enough they further propose adding the sentence: "Prolongation of life is not the only aim of health care."

Pharmacists Prescribe "Conscience Clause":  Across the nation pharmacists struggle with the issue, commonly referred to as the "conscience clause," of whether they have the right not to fill certain prescriptions which are used to cause an abortion or commmit suicide.  The issue has been jettisoned by the introduction of the "morning after" pill and legalization of assisted suicide in Oregon where doctors prescribe drugs to help people kill themselves.  International Right to Life reported that in a recent poll of pharmacists 82% stated that they "believe they have the right to refuse to fill a prescription for a drug such as RU486 that would facilitate an abortion."
     Pharmacist's organizations, state and national, and several state legislatures are considering passing "conscience clauses."  At this writing, New Jersey Pharmacists (NJPHA) overwhelmingly passed a conscience clause (CC) July 2.  The ASHP, and the APhA (both national associations) passed a CC in June.  South Dakota enacted a law on July 1 that shields pharmacists who refuse to fill prescriptions based on conscience.  WI and KY have CC bills in progress.  In Pennsylvania, the PPA had a conscience clause discussion on their agenda in July.

CDC Releases Abortion Rates For 1995:  According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, California heads the list of states in numbers of abortions in 1995.  New York comes in a whopping second with 34 of every 1,000 women in the state having abortions.  Rhode Island and Delaware tie for third with 26 abortions per 1,000 women.  Wyoming wins the life-friendly wreath with 2 abortions per 1,000 women, while Mississippi comes in second best with 6 abortions per 1,000 women.

Lutheran Church Maintains Life Stance:  At their Missouri Synod in St. Louis delegates overwhelmingly affirmed their continuing position of the sanctity of life.  They condemned partial-birth infanticide as "a barbaric procedure" and repudiated legalization of assisted suicide.  They urged their members to teach and preach on the sanctity of life.

"ABC" A Great Success!  Tony DiNapoli's Aborted Babies Cemetery, on June 14-20, was a well accepted statement for Life.  The Cemetery, which consisted of over 2000 white painted crosses, was easily seen by motorists on Interstate 88.  The memorial had over 100 visitors from as far away as Bennington, Vermont.  There were positive responses in the local Albany newspaper.  Our congratulations go to Tony for his initiative and effort.  We wish for continued success in next summer's "ABC."

Declining Teen Pregnancy and Abortion Rates:  CDC (Center for Disease Control) reported that fewer teens are having abortions and fewer are getting pregnant citing reasons of less sex and greater use of birth control.  Media sources have suggested a possible link to an improved economy (yes, yes, all our social ills are healed with an improved economy.)  But putting that leap of the imagination aside and even the seemingly more plausible explanation of greater birth control aside, pro-life groups ofer a different perspective.
     According to Wanda Franz, president of NRLC, "The educational efforts of pro-lifers are succeeding in teaching Americans about the humanity of the unborn child.  The more Americans learn about the developing child and the dangers of abortion to women, the more they reject abortion."  NRLC points out that the very decreases the CDC reports are in states where certain abortion legislation exists.  For instance, there are 14 states where it is required that women be given accurate information about abortion and information regarding alternatives to abortion.  22 states have laws requiring parental consent for minors to have an abortion.
     Also in the picture are abstinence-only sex ed programs.  There are studies coming out now that indicate the high success rate of this approach based on lower birth and abortion rates among teens in areas where the programs are in place.  The True Love Waits movement, which run abstinence programs, report 700,000 teens signing pledge cards to remain abstinent until marriage.  The NY Times found nearly half of teens polled said sex before marriage is always wrong.  In Michigan, where teen abortions dropped 21%, James Haverman, Community Health Director said, "It's clear our educational message of abstinence is working."
     It would seems every pro-lifer wants a piece of this pie and a well deserved piece at that.  The NYS Nurses for Life organization reports on a series of TV ads put out by the Caring Foundation.  The ads were based on extensive research on why women choose abortion - like the way a woman deals with a crisis pregnancy based on unreasonable emotions and a fear of either "my life is over" or the life of the new child is over.  The ads, aimed at women favoring abortion, show that choosing life is positive and does not threaten the mother's life or ambitions.  Other ads show the negative effect of abortion on women.  45 million people have seen the ads across the country in the past few years.
     It seems reasonable to assume that a number of factors have gone into the falling pregnancy and abortion rates among teens.  One thing is for sure, the hard work of every pro-lifer is coming to fruition.

National Oratory Winner Joyce George,  the New York State representative in the National Oratory Contest held this year in Orlando, Florida, June 20, placed 2nd in a field of 22 contestants!  We are so proud of her!
     Joyce, age 17, graduated with honors this year from Maria Regina Archdiocessan High School in Hartsdale, NY.  She served on the school's LIFE committee throughout her four years and was one of two public relations student coordinators.  She won awards as a member of the school's News Team.  As part of an Archdiocessan Youth Committee, she is helping to plan a large scale peer evangelization rally.  Joyce will attend Syracuse University in the fall.
Following are excerpts from Joyce George's award winning speech.
     Somewhere in the world today, lies a baby in a crib, happily drinking from a bottle or perhaps sleeping peacefully while his mother looks on.  ...Somewhere in the world today, a woman wakes up to find linens immersed in blood, and perhaps she glimpses a fragment of the fetus that was once in her womb, although the medical staff will try to hide this from her.  Somewhere in the world today, a child is rushing home from school, ready to tell his mother about the "A" on his report card.  At the same time, somewhere in the world today, a pregnant woman enters a clinic choosing to end the llife of a child who will never learn that first letter of the alphabet.
     The Internet reports that almost 600 million babies are aborted worldwide every year.  600 million chances of finding the cure for AIDS, or even a cure to the common cold are gone.  Imagine the horror we feel, when an earthquake devastates a countryside, or when a bomb explodes killing thousands.  The tragic truth is that the 600 million deaths could have been stopped had those 600 million mothers stopped to think that they were precious bearers of the gift of life.  What an honor it is to bring life into the world, and what a tragedy it is to never know the real value of life because our selfish pragmatism blankets this truth.
     The tragedy of abortion is that it exists.  Abortion is practiced by young and old, by teenagers and by the middle-aged.  The tragedy of abortion is that in this day and age it is becoming more and more easy to have one, and more and more barbaric in form....
     Our world is anticipating the dawn of a new millenium.  As we bid goodbye to yesterday, let us bid goodbye to death as well.  Death is not the only solution available to us.  Death is not the best solution available to us....
     I stand today as a young woman determined to expose the tragedy of abortion.  I stand today as a young woman with eyes to see that unselfish love is life giving.  I stand today as a young woman determined to lead others in the cause of life.  I ask you to stand with me.  Stand for a baby boy who will never look into his mother's eyes.  Stand for a baby girl who will never give her daddy a kiss.  Stand for a little baby who will never tell his mother, "I love you."  Please stand."

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