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Great-grandson of Henry David RUMSEY. It appears Earl Sr (1909-1951) is about 15 in this photo, so that would place the date around 1924. The picture is said to have been taken in Homer, NY.
The family has always said the animal was a leopard, but through research I've learned that leopard is often interchangeable with jaguar. Jaguars were found in the south-western United States, but there probably aren't any left there today. We would like to learn the Homer address of the house in the photo.


Charles and William Rumsey - Cortland St, Homer, on back of photo.
Would like to know the address of this building.


Would like to know if this barn is still standing.


Emma Rumsey 1854-1913, wonder where this pond is.


Henry David RUMSEY was an inventor, poet, newspaperman, camera inventor, and was inventing a gasoline engine with his son Charles when he died.

Cortland City Directory listing on HD Rumsey - Cortland Free Library:
1869 photographer & portrait painter, Cortland St. Homer
1877 lived at 53 Cortland St, Homer
1891-93 silverplating at home 57 Cortland St, Homer
1896,98,1900 photography at home 57 Cortland St, Homer
1902 lived at 55 Cortland St, Homer
1904,1906 widow, Christiana WOODMANCY Rumsey died at home, 55 Cortland St, Homer

Listed for interest:
Piano Box Rumsey pumper built in 1858 was perhaps built by a James RUMSEY.

James Rumsey produced a jet-powered boat and got George Washington to invest
James Rumsey 1784 patent; John Fitch 1787; Robert Fulton and Livingston in Paris 1802
Britannica - James Rumsey awarded steamboat monopoly
Rumsey steam engine
Rumsey forum
James Rumsey Technical Institute
Places named Rumsey

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