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Elvis Tribute

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Elvis Presley

January 8, 1935 - August 16, 1977

TheDance TRIBUTE TO ELVIS - August 16, 2007

Invitational - Featuring Elvis Singers


This will be a permanent Elvis page on this site.

The program begins 9pm EDT and will remain open until all have sung. If you can't wait in line, IM me



* _______SINGER_______ ________SONG___________ ________SONG_______ ________SONG______
* Grizzly_Adams - Bill King Of The Whole Wide World    
  ghost of steel      
* jim_931      
  loveKaraoke Can't Help Falling In Love    
* wanna pa (karaoke) He Touched Me Loving You  
* MoluccanVoice - Jay      
* *TheDance - Ellie How Great Thou Art I Believe  
* Elvis_Blvd - Fred Wooden Heart    
* Tx-AnGel - Deb The Wonder Of You    
  THE_REAL_ELVIS_1 Susan When She Tried    
  DeepSexyVoiceMMM (Larry) Will Try    
  vegasvegas23 - Doug Viva Las Vegas    
  JustinElias80 Will Try    
* Chance Michaels Love Song Of The Year    
* Silkie_Tonez - Barb Are You Lonesome Tonight    
  Unbridled_Melody - Melody Memories    
  broken50 - Ken Ain't That A Shame Blueberry Hill  
* elvislionheart - David I Believe In The Man In The Sky    
* JJ OAK - JJ In The Ghetto    
  Evolution_is_here - Paul      
* jaska51 - Jack Love Me Tender    
* xavierspoker - Frank She's Not You Suspicious Minds Teddy Bear
  e by gum uk - Brian Angel    
* DavidLane      
    * Clickable Link

Those who have Elvis songs to play for 8/16/07

These may be repeats of songs in Singers' List above
_____SINGER_____ ________SONG__________ ________SONG__________ ________SONG__________
TRIPLE 707-Larry      
txlady1947 - Lola Doing The Best I Can Anything That Is Part Of You  
TheDance (karaoke) It Is No Secret  
BuffaloJack Jack Burning Love  {Jack Recorded} Can't Help Falling  {These| I Can't Help Beievin' {Songs}


Are You Lonesome Tonight

Elvis' last concert on earth? June 1977


Are You Lonesome Tonight

With additional notation

In The Ghetto


It's Over

Guitar Man

1968 - music video

Trouble, Guitar Man

- TV special 1968

Flaming Star - stills from movie 1960

They Remind Me Too Much beautiful / stils

All I Needed Was The Rain - Music Video neat

I Want You With Me still, Elvis' family

TheDance Tribute To Elvis - August 16, 2007 (Thursday)

TheDance room will open at 9:00 pm Eastern, and we will begin as soon as singers are available. The Program will be going into the morning hours of August 17, 2007 (Friday)

This page will remain accessible as long as there is a TheDance web site.
There is a link on the front page leading to a list of Elvis songs that have been chosen by the artists already.

You can enter TheDance room in two way additional to the typical hunt for category.
1. Click the "rooms" icon above your pal list, and enter TheDance in the box on the upper left.
2. Go to TheDance URL and click "Enter Ellie's TheDance Room" link under Ellie's picture.
(This only works when the room is open.)

A Note From Ellie:

Hi, I'm Ellie TheDance, and I'm so pleased to have you as a special singer for "TheDance Tribute To Elvis."

The program will be going into the morning hours of the 17th, to accomodate all the singers, and also, different time zones.

I'm calling this a "Round Robin," where each artist will sing one Elvis song... then I will call the next singer to the mic. If there is not a long lineup of singers, each one who wishes to sing additional songs, and some have indicated so on the web page, may do so right away. Otherwise, just one song, and then on to the next singer, with artists returning for more songs.

There will be times when I'll call up a singer who has recently entered the room because we were in IM about timing.
This will happen when a singer is not able to wait in the room, and stand in line with their hand up. Anyone may contact me and let me know about when they will be able to come in and take the mic.

I'll do my best to get each person to the mic in a timely way, and I trust all will understand when things are not as they usually are. I don't know if this "round robin" idea has been tried before, but it's something I think will work... hopefully without too many faux pas.

I may enter the sequence of singers in the banner as I work out each one's schedule, but that is just a possibility. How ever it is accomplished, I hope you'll all bear with me... this IS new, and could be a fantastic way to cover special events/anniversaries/etc. Note that live singers will take precedence over those playing recordings of Elvis. Any suggestions you may have will be welcome.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Let's have fun,
Ellie "TheDance"

Please attend our weekly TheDance Concerts now held on Thursday nights at 11pm eastern, in the Paltalk room "TheDance." Support the artists who give of their time, and who share their wonderful talents with us. Check the SCHEDULE for these concerts. We go to "open mic" when the concerts are over, and anyone who puts their hand up will be called to the mic. Thanks, Ellie

Note that concert night was changed from Friday 10pm EDT, to Thursday 11pm EDT, beginning with MichelGaudet's concert on August 2nd.

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Shortcut for finding TheDance room at Paltalk: click the 3 blocks in the "Pal Lobby" area, and bring up the room search window. In the top left corner window, type TheDance into the space.






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