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Note: Bob Radio and TheDance have parted ways. IM if you would like to know why. The wonderful new radio should be ready for concert time, Friday at 10pm eastern. I'll be posting about the new radio as soon it is ready.

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Barbara and Michael - TheDance Concert Artists July 27, 2007



Silkie_Tones & Peace_and_Love46, concert artists July 27th, our 15th week of concerts
The Concert begins at 10pm EDT, at the PalTalk room TheDance - Future concerts will be on Thursdays


Barbara's Autobiography

I am the firstborn Of 7, all of whom are musically talented in one way or another. I started singing at the tender age of five, and sang in church, revivals, school dances and proms.. anywhere I could find an audience.

After my marriage there was no time for singing. I raised two son's of whom I am very proud.. Sr Airman Russell Wylie Mullikin, United States Air Force, and Jason Ray Mullikin, Food Consieuer, Chef for short.

Then I discovered the internet, and sang on programs such as PalTalk, MPlayer, MCGMT. Afterward I met Michael Di Rienzo. During that point in my life I was going through a very rough place in my person life. I had been writing poetry, and read one of those poems to Michael. In a matter of minutes, it was a song. Michael and I continued writing, and are currently working on a 2-set Gospel CD.

I don't plan to stop what I have learned this past year. Michael showed me I was indeed, a miracle, and could do anything I set my mind to.

So here I am, singing my heart out, which I love to do. If I don't touch you in some way with my gift, I have not been doing what God has planned for me.

Michael's Biography

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Michael Di Rienzo. I'm 47, born in Montreal, Canada, of Italian descent. My interest in music began in High School when I would take popular songs and figure out how to play them on the recorder. During these years, I bought a guitar for my younger brother, who decided a few months after getting the gift that he did not want to learn how to play it; and so, a neighbor and good friend Ronald Fournier introduced me to the world of guitar playing; and he began to teach me one chord at a time. Even then it was a struggle; always felt as if my fingers did not want to listen to what my imagination wanted them to do.

By the time I was in my early twenties I had written a few songs; in retrospect; they were somewhat insignificant except for 2 songs "BROKEN MESSIAH" and "Because My Dream Is Stronger." These songs caught the attention of a local songwriter who was so inspired that he took me under his wings and helped to nurture my craft further. I can not thank him enough. Our friendship was fruitful as I wrote over 80 songs in a few years. During that time my songs were "troubadourish a la Leonard Cohen," whom till this day I continue to have a great deal of respect for adhering to his authenticity.

Till this day I have strived to maintain my authenticity. Over 25 years have passed from my first song. I have not made a million dollars, but I continue to get on this horse called "songwriting" because "I am compelled" and will continue to do this till my very last breath because I can not think of any mission more important than "bringing people close enough to the holy spirit so that a miracle happens".

I believe that everyone has miraculous potential and that if we give enough support miracles can happen; transforming a person with talent into a contagiously powerful and creative vessel. Case in point Silkie_Tonez whom I met through Paltalk. We have written songs that frankly I could never imagine being what they are, but as I have said to her so many times, if it was God's will to move mountains for miracles to happen, who am I to question him?

Songs that I will be performing on the 27th are part of a unique collection of songs; inspired by the holy spirit; by love, and the human condition. The first collection is called "Miracles" and the second is called "Conversations". The purpose of these songs, and the album is to bring the holy spirit close enough so a miracle happens.

Enough said. See you on the 27th of July 10pm.

Please attend our weekly Friday night concerts at 10pm eastern, in the Paltalk room "TheDance," to support the artists who give of their time, and who share their wonderful talents with us. Check the SCHEDULE for these concerts. We go to "open mic" when the concerts are over, and anyone who puts their hand up will be called to the mic. Thanks, Ellie

Note that concert night will be changed from Friday 10pm EDT, to Thursday 11pm EDT, beginning with MichelGaudet's concert on August 3rd.

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Hi! I've had to remember and post so many links to various sites, I thought it might be a good idea to get a "" URL to a page where all of them would be collected.

This page has a few links to start, to the three sites I use the most. More will be added along the way. HAM Radio (Amateur Radio) links as well as DR (Disaster Relief) links are at Vicki's site, to the left, for now. When Vicki no longer needs a way to reach everyone with news, that site will be specifically for HAM Radio and Dr.

Have any ideas?

Ellie (TheDance)






















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