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Justin - TheDance Concert Artist July 20, 2007

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Justin087 "TheDance Concert" artist for July 20th, our 14th week of concerts

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Justin has been singing all his life, and has a natural talent that shows throughout his work. He has recordings of his voice at the age of 13, where his "sound" shows through even though his voice was immature at that time.

The piano is another of Justin's "instruments" in addition to his voice, and he play keyboard with an amazing amount of depth for one so young. Justin is 19 years old, and will turn 20 during his TheDance Concert tonight. We're sure you will enjoy this talented young man, who has a tremendous range both in his voice and in the music he chooses to perform.


Justin's thoughts during an interview with Ellie TheDance, when he played some of his early recorded songs for those in the room. Hearing those songs showed us where Justin came from, and how far he has come in his abilities.

TheDance - Ellie: Justin, I'm so please you will be performing in our TheDance Concert Series on July 20th, at Paltalk. What singer or singers have influenced you, or who you have enjoyed along the way?

Justin: I LOVEEEE Billy Gilman because he went thru it (voice change) too, and he's so much better than me now. He's the same age as me. lol. My "signature" song when I was Simba, was "Please Remember Me." Though I cant sing it now, I used to close with it every night. When my voice changed, I couldn't sing "Please Remember Me" anymore, so I started singing "Circle of Life" intead. I just found the folder where I kept that set of songs. I played them over and over during the voice change for me.

TheDance - Ellie: What recordings do you have for us tonight, Justin.

I'll play the original recording of "Please Remember Me," which was the last song I recorded before the voice change. My voice had already change a little. I pretty muich whispered back then... I could not belt out songs like I do now thats for sure. LOL These songs make me so greatful to God. The one difference between then and now, after the voice change, is that I asked God to give me a singing voice. It's definately not something i was born with, I didn't get it until God gave it to me.

I found the original recording of Little Rock, the one I just sang there. I re-recorded it on my most recent CD too, but this is so classsic. lol.

TheDance - Ellie: Justin, I would like to hear a few of your early recordings. I'm so please you have this record, both for your own enjoyment or comparison, but for those of us who enjoy the journey you are making with your music.

Justin: I'm listening to them now, I gotta make sure they work before I try cuz as I said, this CD is damaged, and certain ones won't play through. I'm gonna play "Please Remember Me," "Little Rock," and "Amazed" ... if that one works, that was my first EVER recording. It was the first time I picked up the mic, actually.

TheDance - Ellie: Thank you so much Justin. It's always a pleasure to listen to you, and always exciting because of the unusual music you bring. See you at the concert.

Justin's Ring
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Please attend our weekly Friday night concerts at 10pm eastern, in the Paltalk room "TheDance," to support the artists who give of their time, and who share their wonderful talents with us. Check the SCHEDULE for these concerts. We go to "open mic" when the concerts are over, and anyone who puts their hand up will be called to the mic. The concerts are broadcast over . Thanks, Ellie

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This page has a few links to start, to the three sites I use the most. More will be added along the way. HAM Radio (Amateur Radio) links as well as DR (Disaster Relief) links are at Vicki's site, to the left, for now. When Vicki no longer needs a way to reach everyone with news, that site will be specifically for HAM Radio and Dr.

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