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TheDance Concert Artist July 13, 2007

D Laci, Larry D - For our 13th week of concerts





Larry's Biography

Laszlo T . Daroczi is known on Paltalk as D Laci, and was scheduled to be our concert artist for May 25, 2007, but there were technical problems. We are pleased to have Larry scheduled for our 13th week of concerts, on July 13, 2007.

Larry D's nicname D Laci, is used for his Paltalk room Sing Karaoke with Larry D.

Larry was involved with music as a child, and among other things, played in a marching band. As a child, Larry's father hired an accordian teacher, and now he uses a keyboard when he entertains in local clubs, and at private parties.

Larry came to America from Hungary in 1956, to what he call "this beautiful land." He escaped the communist regime in his homeland with his sister and brother-in-law, and their one year old baby. He says it was a Christmas gift. "Riding inside the bus to Camp Kilmer in New Jersey felt like in heaven, just looking at the beautiful colors of cars, houses, and beautiful flowers."

Six years later Laszlo became an American citizen, and is very proud to be an American by choice. "Bless the men and women, each one of them, in the service in America. They are the protectors of us all," he said. Mr. Daroczi is the ultimate patriot.

Larry loves music, and enjoys karaoke singing very much, and anyone who has heard him, is amazed at his joyful presense and endless energy.


Please attend our weekly Friday night concerts at 10pm eastern, in the Paltalk room "TheDance," to support the artists who give of their time, and who share their wonderful talents with us. Check the SCHEDULE for these concerts. We go to "open mic" when the concerts are over, and anyone who puts their hand up will be called to the mic. The concerts are broadcast over . Thanks, Ellie

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Hi! I've had to remember and post so many links to various sites, I thought it might be a good idea to get a "" URL to a page where all of them would be collected.

This page has a few links to start, to the three sites I use the most. More will be added along the way. HAM Radio (Amateur Radio) links as well as DR (Disaster Relief) links are at Vicki's site, to the left, for now. When Vicki no longer needs a way to reach everyone with news, that site will be specifically for HAM Radio and Dr.

Have any ideas?

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