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DAVE LEEFIELD - TheDance Concert Artist June 15, 2007

"TheDance Concert" artist for June 15th, our 9th week of concerts, is Dave Leefield.

Dave Leefield's Autobiography

Dave was born august 30th 1950 in Paddington west London the youngest of 3 children. His father was an ambulance driver and his mother was a school teacher. His father was from the Rhonda in Wales and his mother was born in Touloise France.

Dave first showed signs of loving music in the school choir where he was a soloist, rsalso in the church choir. At 14 Dave taught himself to play guitar, and at that time played the hits of the 60's. His first live performance was at the Hammersmith Palais where his band "Scarlet Dilemma" played support to THE FOREMOST a hit band from the 60's.

In 1968 they played in Spain on the hotel circuit for a well know agency Barry Collins Music. Later after the band split up Dave turned his attentions to country music. Dave's influences were DON WILLIAMS, JIM REEVES, HANK WILLIAMS, ERNEST TUBB, JOHN DENVER, JOHN CASH, and SLIM WHITMAN.

IN 1979 Dave and a friend, Fred Fielder, formed a band called "Omaha" and they played all over Hertfordshire. Then when the band split in 1980 Dave went solo playing pubs and clubs and moved to Lincolnshire.

For 25 years Dave played the clubs and pubs establishing himself as one of the best in the area. In 2005 dave left the U K to come to U S A, to carry on with his music because in the U K the trend was for karaoke and very few live venues were left.

Dave is trying desperately to re start his career, and once again play clubs and bars in South Carolina USA



Please attend our weekly Friday night concerts at 10pm eastern, in the Paltalk room "TheDance," to support the artists who give of their time, and who share their wonderful talents with us. Check the SCHEDULE for these concerts. We go to "open mic" when the concerts are over, and anyone who puts their hand up will be called to the mic. The concerts are broadcast over . Thanks, Ellie

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